Town of Fishkill and East Fishkill Memories

Village of fishkill

Many local East Fishkill residents have special memories of the expansive 450 acre IBM complex that employed upwards of 12,000 people in its heyday.  However, far fewer remember 200 years previously, neighboring Fishkill was a major governmental and military center that was home to upwards of 7,000 Revolutionary War soldiers.

Fishkill was a key strategic center during the War years of 1776 thru 1783 serving as a site for the Fishkill Supply Depot and Encampment

It was known as the Military nerve center of the Continental Army, that was established and visited frequently by our first President, General George Washington.

Some of the “forgotten facts” that Fishkill area residents can be proud of are the formation of the first National Veterans group, the “Society of Cincinnati” took place at Mount Gillian in 1783, and is still active to this day.

And who remembers that Fishkill once served as the capital of New York State? Or the foundation for the CIA was first organized in Fishkill as “The Commission for Detecting and Defeating Conspiracies”?

Many local residents are aware of how “Fishkill” first got its name (a variation of the Dutch word “Vis” and the Dutch term for stream or river “Kill”).  But how many know that there was a concerted effort by a well know animal rights group during the early Nineties to have the town’s name changed to “FishSafe” due to their objections of a town name for killing fish?

Residents and business owners in the Fishkill / East Fishkill area certainly have a lot to be proud of and remember from days gone by.

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